Who We Are

Our Extraordinary Mission

At Harvest Farms we provide excellent customer service along with an array of outstanding products.

We provide our partners – the customer – innovative solutions that exceed food service distribution expectations. This flexibility enables us to provide each customer the freedom to choose their services - each service is catered to individual requirements.

Our Remarkable Community

Our ongoing objective at Harvest Farms is to provide human and financial resources to enhance our community.

Additionally, we continually strive to incorporate technologies to sustain the environment. We are committed to increasing our efforts to support our planet and challenge ourselves daily to explore and adopt new, groundbreaking ways to create a positive impact.

Our Dedicated Team

The Harvest Farms team is focused to delivering quality products that complement our customers’ business.

Our team recognizes the importance of building successful relationships with our customers to ensure the highest quality product is produced and delivered at the greatest value.

Our History

Harvest Farms has provided high quality, solutions-based manufacturing and distribution services since 1947. The original desire and pride in producing and delivering a quality product has contributed to our growth and success over the years.


Harvest Farms established


Harvest Farms is acquired by GoodSource Solutions

HACCP Certified –
U.S.D.A. Inspected Manufacturer

Additionally, the facility meets all HACCP requirements per government regulations. We made a tremendous investment in both equipment and personnel to support the boxed meal program. The facility is a stand-alone building outfitted with refrigerated and dry storage, as well as four production lines. Our team takes great pride in delivering quality lunches.

Currently, our plant is runs 80,000 meals daily with the capability of producing 125,000 meals per day. This gives Harvest Farms the ability to grow our clientele without an appreciable increase in expenses. Having this capability allows for corporate growth while lowering costs to the end user.

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